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Description of the sample data

The algorithms provided on this site require seed data of known genes that are a target of a specific transcription factor of interest. We provide sample data that represent names from known transcription factor targets  for each of the following individual arbitrarily chosen transcription factors, namely NFkB, E2F, ETS1, HIF-1, HNF4, c-Myc. The seed data is given as ensemble gene identifiers.

Data Sources
The data of known transcription factors come from review papers. We used the following sources: NFkB [1],  E2F [2;3], ETS1 [4;5], HIF-1 [6], HNF4, c-Myc [7].


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  2. Bracken AP, Ciro M, Cocito A, Helin K. E2F target genes: unraveling the biology. Trends Biochem.Sci.; 29: 409-17.2004
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  7. Fernandez PC, Frank SR, Wang L, Schroeder M, Liu S, Greene J, Cocito A, Amati B. Genomic targets of the human c-Myc protein. Genes Dev.; 17: 1115-29.2003


Example Data c-myc PDF Print

This contatians a list of c-myc targets that might be used as an input to find similar genes. You may apply the Copy/Paste function of your Browser to use these IDs as input for the Gene IDs field in the input form.

For many more examples please have a look at the documentation section.

HNF 4 example seed PDF Print

HNF4 example seed data:













HIF1a example seed PDF Print

The list contains gene identifiers of known HIF1a target genes that might be used a seed.

Example Data ETS1 PDF Print

This contains a list of ETS1 target genes that might be used as a seed:


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